Letter for a Merciful Heart

Friday, May 22, 2015

Letter for a Merciful Heart

Dear H.,

When I first met you, you had just returned from a summer camping trip with the beautifully bronzed tan, worldly wisdom, and lively enthusiasm of a true beach goddess. As we got to know each other, I realized you are also mesmerizingly genuine and real with the kindest and strongest mericful heart.

You’re forgiving and accepting, but you won’t shy away from fighting against the injustices of the world. You stick up for what you believe in, but you won’t shun those who seek to redeem themselves. You are an example of harmonic balance. You can relax without drifitng into complacency. You push yourself to always keep striving for and achieving your goals. There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish when you put your mind to it.

And that makes you one of the strongest people I know.

For a long time after we first met, I was convinced you were invincible. You seemed a lot like superwoman to me, taking on so many different roles in life —strong leadership roles— than I could ever sanely manage. You make it look easy, even while you stress. Because you slice through the struggle and achieve a solution before barely any time has passed at all. You are incredible at diffusing a difficult situation, and can offer the most wise, honest, and expert advice on just about anything. I know whenever I’m stressing about anything, you are someone I can count on to put things in perspective, and make the stress less challenging to deal with. You’re always willing to lend a listening ear, and a calming response. And your natural cheeriness is often the perfect recipe for all the smiles, laughter, and joy you provide.

You never cease to brighten up my days with your vibrancy and graceful leadership. You are someone I feel I can truly depend on, no matter what. You’re a superhero to all the people you love, and I absolutely love you for it. You are amazing, and I really hope we can start hanging out more. The Universe is going to take you places, I just know it. And I can’t wait to see the pictures of you, a true beach goddess with a merciful heart, bringing bliss to the world with your generous and genuine spirit. 

With love,


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