Letter for my Brother

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Letter for my Brother

Dear M.,

The first time you ever inspired me, you were only in Pre-K. I was a second grader— a whole five years older than you—with the stomach flu, and I was handling it about the way a toddler (ahem, you) would: I was crying, and begging my mommy to make it all better.

But then (after eating my leftover chicken noodle soup), you got sick too.

And you didn’t cry. You didn’t call for mommy throughout the night. You were strong. You knew the sickness would pass. And you set an example for how to handle the struggles in life.

You still do.

You’re not a fan of convenience, the easy-way-out, or the fastest route. You’re a young man of integrity and courage. You aren’t afraid to say what you feel, what you think, and what you believe in. You’re honest about who you are, and what you want, and you’re not afraid to go after it, to improve yourself, to grow, to learn.

Sometimes, I think you’re not afraid of anything.

You are five years younger than me, but you have often taken on the role of an older brother: protective, stable, strong, and wise. You’ve never shied away from telling me when I’ve been wrong, when I’ve made a mistake, but you’ve never judged me for it either. You are understanding and compassionate, a man who respects and earns respect with every word and action. 

Of course, you’ve made your mistakes. But you are always quick to own up to them, taking responsibility for your actions, and making every effort to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself. I’m continually amazed by you. You are the most evolved, brilliant, and remarkable high-school student I know, and I’m so proud to call you my brother.

I hope you know how awe-inspiring you are. You are going to do incredible things in your life. You are going to inspire the world. I can tell. So don’t ever doubt yourself, please. You’re the absolute greatest. In every way. And one day, the world is going to see it too. But until that day, know you are a true inspiration in my life, and in the lives of all the ones you love.

With love,


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