Letter for my Sister

Friday, May 29, 2015

Letter for my Sister

Dear J.,

A few months ago, I wrote a letter for you expressing my wish that we could become the kind of sisters who are also friends. Growing up, I behaved more like we were competition. I was always jealous of you, of the attention you were given, of all the common interests you shared with the other members of our family while I sat back and felt like an alien. We didn’t take the time to get close, and I was wishing we could change that.

And now my wish has been granted.

Now, you are not only my sister, but you are my roommate and one of my closest friends. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you, seeing you open up in ways I never fathomed were possible. And as I’ve gotten to know you, I’ve grown to see just how beautiful you really are.

I know you’re still trying to figure yourself out, and I know it’s been hard, but I think you are one of the most wonderful people I know. You have this magical ability to heal people and animals without thinking about it. You understand exactly what is needed in a difficult situation to restore the peace. And you know just how to make an entire room light up with laughter too. (I’m sorry for always stealing your jokes. They’re just that good.)

One day, I hope you can see yourself the way I see you, the way I’ve always seen you. I hope you know how loved and admired you are. And I’m so grateful to have you in my life, to share my home with you, to know you finally after years of distance. You have been such a joyful addition to my life, and I don’t know what I’d ever do without you. You are my sister, my true other half, and I will always love you.

With love,


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