Letter for a Role Model

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Letter for a Role Model

Dear John Green,

I didn’t want to write a letter for anyone famous because this letter series is supposed to be a practice of gratitude for the people who have significantly impacted my life on a personal level. And since I don’t know you nor you me, it would seem rather silly to write a letter to you.

But you have made a significant impact on my life. Especially with your books. An Abundance of Katherine’s gives me hope and laughter during dark times; The Fault in Our Stars puts life in perspective and reminds me what truly matters; Paper Towns reminds me not to take life too seriously— or people. I reread these books several times a year. They keep me going.

But your books aren’t the only way you’ve made an impact on my life. You see, I’m also an author. And I want to write books that inspire my readers. I want my readers to think differently about the world after reading my books, and to be encouraged to be their most authentic selves and live their most authentic lives no matter what anyone else tells them. I want my readers to have hope.

However, I haven’t always been a reliable motivator for myself. I haven’t always been able to take my own advice and live my most authentic life. I’ve let the negative opinions of others discourage me from my goals as a writer, and I’ve let them keep me from trying to reach them.

During my darkest moments of doubt, your image has appeared in my subconscious while I sleep and returned my hope and motivation. Every time your image appears in my dreams, it comes with a message: keep reaching for your goals. Don’t give up. Never stop writing.

And I don’t. I wake up and I write. I reach for my goals again and again and again, and I choose not to give up. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but to me it has always meant everything.

So thank you.

You have been a true role model in my life, and I am eternally grateful for your existence.



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