Wisdom of the Wing

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Wisdom of the Wing
a poem from an angel’s perspective

You won’t go to heaven,

you’re already there.

There is no distinction between my place and theirs.

We all live until one day we die,

and each time we strive to make it all worth the try.

Yes, we all stumble, we fail, and we fall,

but at the end of the day, life’s still worth it all.

So let yourself laugh until tears fall from your eyes,

and when you’re sad, let yourself cry.

Feel without fearing, and love without leaving;

don’t take for granted each breath you are breathing.

And before you take your very last,

make sure you’ve made complete peace with your past.

Let go of pain, and betrayal, and hate,

but don’t fall in love on the very first date.

Keep your head and heart on the very same page,

so that way you won’t fight the war that they’ll wage.

And in case you’re ever unsure,

love is the answer, the meaning, the truth, and the cure.

Without a doubt, love is the reason we’re here.

Just turn to love and you’ll have nothing to fear.

I have to go now, but we’ll meet again soon.

It’s your turn now to share with the world this tune:

I love you.

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