Letter for a Childhood Inspiration

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Letter for a Childhood Inspiration

Dear B.,

You were one of the first friends I made when my family moved to Buda from Austin. I was nine years old, and still sucking my thumb—something we had in common. We also had a passion for making the lives of the neighborhood boys a living hell with our clever pranks—all to prove how much smarter and generally better than them we were (which OF COURSE we were). 

You were my inspiration for fearless. You seemed to be born knowing who you were, and you were never afraid to be yourself in every situation. You had a very take-charge personality. You knew what you wanted, and you weren’t afraid to go after it. No matter what it took. Which is why it was so easy for you to stop sucking your thumb when your mother promised to buy you the latest Gameboy model if you did. Your dedication and determination inspired me to do the same.

Because our personalities were both very strong as kids, though, we tended to conflict each other more often than we got along. Eventually, all that conflict broke our friendship, and it wasn’t repaired before my family moved away. And for that I’m sorry.

You were a huge part of my life. Because of you, I’m a stronger person. And I never got the chance to thank you. But I hope you know how incredibly grateful I am to have known you, to have you a part of my childhood memories. You are an amazing, incredible, inspirational person. I hope you are continuing to inspire the world by being yourself, staying true to yourself. I hope the world hasn’t taught you how to hide your inner light. And I hope someday we’ll get to reconnect, so I can thank you in person.

With love,


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