Letter for a Shining Star

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Letter for a Shining Star

Dear L.,

When I think of how much of an evil dictator I was as a child, I wonder how I had any friends at all. But you were one of my best and greatest friends. I spent pretty much all my time with you, and most of my greatest childhood stories feature you.

You were the one who made me believe I could be a star because you believed you could be too. We spent hours putting on shows on your front lawn, coming up with intricate dance routines to our favorite songs, or making up cheers, or even starting our own band (AAA). I remember we would practice our Disney Channel speech with a glowstick, making that perfect Mickey Mouse ear loop-dee-loop as we said “Hi, I’m — and you’re watching Disney Channel.”

You made my life as fascinating as a movie. Without you, I would never have entered the school talent show. Without you, I would never have learned how to believe in my dreams. You have a passion for life, and an optimistic spirit that I was able to adopt into my life as well. 

I know after the tragic night when our slumber party was cut short, we slowly drifted apart. Your family was forced to move away, and since this was the age before social media and text messaging, it was hard for us to keep in touch. By the time my family moved away, we were practically strangers, as we kinda have been ever since.

But I haven’t forgotten you. I can’t. You have a starring role in my childhood memories, in several of my fictional stories, and also in my heart. You are the reason I have never stopped reaching for the stars, for greatness, for my dreams to come true. Your friendship taught me how to believe in endless possibility, and I’m so grateful for that.

I hope one day soon we’ll get to reconnect again. I can’t wait to hear all the stories you have to tell, of all you have accomplished so far, and all you hope to accomplish in the future. You are amazing! Don’t ever forget it!

With love,


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