Choose Something Different

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

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Choose Something Different

There’s been a common theme running through my life experiences lately.

The theme relates to the theory of our innate human power to make our own choices. I say theory because many of us balk at the idea we are fully responsible for our choices in life. We call ourselves victims of circumstance. We fail to realize that this belief is itself a choice we make.

I spent several years choosing to believe I was a victim of circumstance. I didn’t take responsibility for my own choices. There was always someone or something else to blame for my circumstances. I spent these years feeling like my life wasn’t my own, powerless, helpless, and miserable.

My circumstances began to change, though, when I realized I had the power to choose something different. 

You have this power too.

In every moment, we are given the gift of freewill, of choice. So if at any moment we are unhappy with our circumstances, we have the power to make a different choice. We have the power to quit the job that is making us miserable, and work toward the career we truly want. We have the power to choose not to allow the little things bother us. We have the power to choose our thoughts, and therefore choose our mental and emotional states. We have the power to choose courage over fear and happiness over misery; compassion over anger, and gratitude over regret. 

The longer we deny this power, the longer we will find ourselves a victim of circumstance, miserable, and helpless.

The choice is yours.

Choose something different.

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