Sunday, October 09, 2016


As humans, it is so important for us to find the place where we belong. 

It is a fundamental part of our psychological make-up to seek out our “tribe” our community, and the place we call home. We all need a safe place to land with the people we love as we navigate this beautiful and messy experience called life.

Sometimes, we are born into this place, and have a loving, supportive family we can call home. Other times, we create this place through the connections we build with those we meet along our life journey. 

Either way, until we find this place, we’ll spend our whole lives searching for it, feeling lost and weighted and alone.

In my experience, home is less a physical place than a state of being. When I am home, I am surrounded by people who understand, accept, and love me wholeheartedly. When I am home, I feel free, and all the best parts of me shine for all the world to see.

Sometimes, I am home with the family I was born into. Other times, I am home with the community of people I feel close and connected to. At all times, I am home on my yoga mat.

What about you?

Where is your home?

Find it.

Cultivate it.

Live in it.

Come home.

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