Six Weeks

Monday, October 03, 2016

Music Monday: Six Weeks
A fictional interpretation of a song by Of Monsters and Men


In a stream of consciousness, sofastitdon’tmakesense.

There’s something beautiful about the flow, I must admit. All the most beautiful things in life have a certain flow to them, don’t you think?

People used to tell me I think too much. Personally, I think other people think too little. How can there be a such thing as thinking too much? Who is to say how much or how little of your brain must be used at any given time?


Six weeks to live.

The cancer, they said, began in my brain. 

An aggressive mutation, the dividing of cells against each other. A special kind of warfare, designed to destroy me bit-by-bit.

“It’s very common for this type of cancer to metastasize rather quickly,” they said.

It did.

There is nothing they can do either way.


What would you do if you were given six weeks to live?

Quit your job? Travel the world? Take a risk?

That’s not really as much time as you would think. I suppose we all think we have more time, though. But why? What reason do we have to believe we have another day, another hour, another minute? 

What is time anyway?

Am I thinking too much?


Alone in bed.

Eyes closed. Lungs filled with fluid. My ribcage rattles with every breath.

I inhale. 

I never noticed pain had a color. It’s white and hot and bright.

I exhale and feel my bones sink heavy beneath my skin. I wait for another breath in.

But it never comes.

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