Take Time for You

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Take Time for You

I’ve been feeling a little imbalanced lately.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t taken the time for self-care. I normally give myself a few hours at least two times a week dedicated entirely to chilling out, listening to music, soaking in an Epsom Salt & Essential Oil bath, and otherwise doing what feels good for me and making the time truly my own.

But this week, I’ve scraped by on the bare minimum, and it didn’t feel good.

So tonight, when the rest of my plans were spontaneously cancelled and I found myself with several hours of freetime, I finally got the chance to give myself the care I’d been slacking on.

And it felt wonderful!

I hope you do the same.

Take time for yourself to take care of yourself.

Give yourself the same dedication and energy you give to the rest of your life.

Self-care is important.

Make time for you.

You’re worth it.

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