Choose Peace

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Choose Peace

In each moment, we have a choice.

Recently, I found myself stuck in a rather complicated position. 

My time in the place I’ve been calling my home for the past two months was about to expire. Since I postponed my trip to Europe, this meant I would have to find a new place to live, and the prospects weren’t looking good. I wouldn’t be able to afford a place on my own, but I couldn’t seem to find a roommate either. Now that I’m carless, moving back home wasn’t an option because I wouldn’t be able to make the commute to school or work.

I was screwed.

Before my teacher training, this situation would have put me in a stressful tailspin. I would have gone completely crazy scrambling for a new place. 

But this time, I acknowledged my anxiety and panic as it came up. I told myself, Yes, this is happening. This is scary. I don’t know where to go from here. But also, I’m going to be okay. Take a deep breath, Kayla. It will all work out.

And it did.

The stars aligned, and as it turned out, my time in this lovely home I have has been extended. It all worked out, and it didn’t take an ounce of stressful effort to do so.

Life is always going to be full of scary changes. Nothing in this life is static. Everything is in motion. We’re going to be thrown off balance sometimes. We’re going to find ourselves on shaky ground. 

But we can either let the situation we’re in stress us out, or we can just let it be.

Our reaction to life is the only thing we have control over. 

So why choose stress?

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