How Not to Break an Angel's Heart

Saturday, November 05, 2016

How Not to Break an Angel’s Heart

Once upon a time, an angel told a devil how to break her heart.

"It's not how you'd expect,” she said. "It starts with a beautiful lie.

"The only thing that's true in life is love, but you'll tell me you don't believe in love. How can you? You've been hurt and used and abused. You've been broken so many times, you're not even sure if you have all your pieces. You don't believe in love because you don't know how, and you don't know how because you're afraid to learn.

"So I'll try to teach you, even though you'll refuse to be taught. You'll see the love I have to give, and you'll run away. I'll understand that you're only afraid and I'll decide to chase you. We'll both get tired at times, and occasionally you'll cave. You'll let me show you how to love, but once the love gives you energy, you'll run away again.

"We'll lose track of how long we've been running. Maybe it will be years. Maybe it will only be days. But eventually I will wonder why I am running. I will wonder if you are worth the chase, if love is a lesson that needs to be learned. And I will stop running. I will give up on you. I will give up on love.

"And that's how you will break my heart. Not by any particular action of your own doing, but by the exhaustion of the chase, by the denial of the only true thing. You will break my heart by turning me into you."

"Then why would you chase me?" the devil asked.

“Because everyone deserves love. Even you.”

“But you’re not chasing me to give me love. You’re chasing me to teach me love. There’s a difference.”

The angel blinked. Sparks of white light glittered above the crown of her head toward her halo, and her wings fluttered with sensation.

“You’re right,” the angel told the devil. “Love can’t be taught. It can only be given.”

The devil nodded. The corners of his mouth flickered, and settled into a rigid, red line.

“Don’t chase me,” he said.

“I won’t.”

“Then I won’t break your heart.”

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