Santosha: Contentment

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Santosha: Contentment

When was the last time you felt content?

For most of my life, I’ve taken contentment as a warning sign of disaster. Anytime I’ve felt content with my life, a panic would set in, and I would convince myself that surely everything was going to fall apart any second.

I didn’t feel like I had an inherent right to be content.

The practice of Santosha means cultivating a deep okayness with whatever arises in life. The state of contentment is not a warning sign of danger, but a reminder that there is peace to be found in every moment, no matter the circumstance.

Yes, everything may fall apart. But the practice of santosha is staying content even as the world is being ripped to shreds.

For most of my life, this practice has required a level of surrender I wasn’t willing to engage in. I was only finding my contentment within the level of control I felt over my circumstances. As soon as I lost control, I would lose my contentment.

But a deep okayness with what is means letting go of the illusion of control. It means surrender to the present moment without labeling it as positive or negative. It means letting everything simply be.

The opportunity for santosha is waiting for us in every moment. We can choose to practice contentment, sitting with whatever arises with an attitude of curiosity instead of judgement and attachment. 

It is our decision.

 Our practice. 

Our life.

So what will you choose?

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