I'm Back!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

I'm Back!

Did you miss me? :P

And as usual, this return comes with another change in the direction of this blog.

This time I'm returning to the roots of this blog with one simple idea: post a story every day. 

When I first started this blog, my posts consisted of a random assortment of material that fluctuated with my ever evolving writing style. I posted a lot of personal pieces, and threw in some fiction for good measure. My content was most often created the same day it was posted without any consistent theme or follow through. I think my most consistent content were my Music Mondays (when I would literally hit shuffle on my iTunes account and create something that fit whatever song decided to play), and my Catching Smoke series which was a light novel I posted a new chapter of every week. 

Taking after the same model as the Catching Smoke series, the new content on this blog will consist of a chapter from seven different novels (one for every day of the week!) with chapters updated weekly. Each novel will have it's own page where I'll post the cover image, synopsis, and links to all the chapters in chronological order as they come out (yay, binge reading!). I'm hoping I can figure out how to design the website so that's it's easy for readers to find the story they're looking for in the least amount of time. 

Have patience. I'm new at this.

The ultimate goal of this new direction is to keep me writing. I've got a computer full of half-finished stories I intend to finally, finally finish. This blog will serve as a way to hold me accountable, to motivate me to write the next chapter without the nagging little voice in my head telling me it's pointless. 

For years I've had this idea in my head that to be a "successful writer" means that I must be a bestselling author with a major publishing company and a literary agent on speed dial.  This is the standard I held myself to as I would sit down to write whatever new novel idea had inspired me to show up to the page, and naturally it was impossible to get anything done. 

"What's the point?" that ugly little voice in my head would say. "Nobody will ever read this. You will never be successful."

The love of writing and a flow of inspiration could only keep me going for so long. Eventually the ugly little voice would win it's battle to get me to stop writing, and the story would get buried in the sea of unfinished stories.

But now that I've redefined what it means to be a successful writer, I'm going fishing in that sea. I'm collecting all those unfinished stories and sharing them here, one chapter at a time. 

I'll be starting with seven half-finished novels I'm the closest to finishing, of course. To make things easy for me. The hard part will be redesigning the website to make it more reader-friendly, and well, beautiful. Because I like websites that look beautiful. 

And this is for me, after all,  just as much as it is for you, dear reader.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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