August 2023 Theme


Ah, August!

This month has always been marked by new beginnings for me—from first days of school to post-summer transitions into new ventures and ideas. It wouldn’t be August without some kind of change taking place.

Which is why this month’s theme revolves around new beginnings. If you have content you’d like to share, we welcome your submissions. As usual, any and all submissions that relate to the theme will be published this month.

And while we're speaking of new beginnings, I’ll be taking this blog in a new direction.

I’ve been consistently posting every kind of content we accept in the hopes of inspiring new writers to contribute. While I still very much wish to see this blog become a space for all kinds of writers and content, I can longer sustain my own contributions of certain content—particularly my fiction and creative nonfiction.

Therefore, my contributing content will revolve around media reviews (primarily books, though other forms of media are still likely). These reviews will also be tailored more toward social media, meaning they will contain more visual content than written. With my time as limited as it is, I want to focus on the aspects of maintaining this blog that are most enjoyable for me—and currently, that is the graphic design of visual content and writing short media reviews.

However, since I will also be devoting my time to working on the novels I’ve been procrastinating on, you can surely expect to see some novel excerpts or short-story adaptations in the eventual future. For now, though, I hope you'll enjoy my curated selection of books and my opinions about them. 💖

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