Music Monday: Cue the Rain by Lea Michele

A fictional interpretation of a song by Lea Michele

This is the part when the rain starts to fall.

Inside a dimly lit cafe, he tells me that it’s time for him to let me go. My lipstick stains the rim of the coffee cup while his is perfectly clean, and I think of how unfair it is. We spend our whole lives chasing ourselves, hoping against all odds that we will find the life we’re supposed to live and who we’re supposed to be. I thought I had found myself with him.

But I guess that wasn’t really me.


This isn’t the part where I lose myself.

Most people would be sad. I spent my whole life searching for something I thought I had found, and then had it taken from me, just when I thought it was secure. But I wasn’t sad. I was angry. 

“What happened to forever?” I ask him. “You promised.”

He looks at me like I’m a stray puppy begging for food, and he has nothing left on his plate to give me.

“Things change.” He tells me.

As if it’s that simple.

I get up and walk away.


This is the part where I take a walk in the rain.

I wasn’t expecting rain, so I didn’t bring an umbrella, and home is a few blocks away. But a little rain didn’t hurt anyone. 

I keep walking even when the rain pours so heavily I can’t see the street in front of me, even as I turn into a dripping, soaking, pitifully wet mess. Through the rain, nobody can see my tears, and by the time I’m safe and warm and dry in my home, there’s no tears left to cry.

The truth is, we could have been something. I saw a future with him that I didn’t see with anyone else. But the future is full of possibilities.

And even when it rains, I’ll be fine.

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