Music Monday: Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy

A fictional interpretation of a song by Fall Out Boy

All children grow up.

Never Never Land doesn’t exist. Except in the minds of those who refuse to grow up.

He had spent his entire life being the grownup, the shoulder to cry on, the person to run to when everything went wrong. But he reached a certain age, around the time he got his first place to himself, when he decided it was time to get his childhood back. He was much too old to be a child, but who was going to stop him? The people who took his childhood away? What room did they have to speak?

His childhood began when he moved in with a stranger. They liked the same comic book. Of course they should be roommates! Why would it matter if you just met if you can already agree on the favoritism of the most importing thing?

Then, he began picking fights in barrooms. He would have picked fights in the schoolyard, but he had graduated from school long ago. Barrooms were the schoolyard of his current peers.

It’s where he met her.

It was comic night and she was dressed like Wonderwoman. At least that’s how he interpreted her full, black hair and red dress.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“Rebecca.” She answered, smiling.

He went home with her that night.


One night turned into two turned into a whole week, and before he knew what was happening a whole month had passed and they were living together. She moved in to become his mother.

She cooked and cleaned and then she left for work. When she returned, she would nag him for being in exactly the same place as when she left: in front of the television screen, playing his latest video game obsession. Then, she would go back to cooking and cleaning until she climbed into bed and fell asleep.

This went on for months, but eventually she would tell him she had enough playing house.

“You need to grow up.” She said. “You’re thirty years old. You’re too old to be acting like such a child.”

“Actually, I’m only as old as I feel. Age is just a number. And I don’t feel thirty.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Then I can’t stay with you.” She said.

She was gone before he could think of a reason for her to stay.


It was time to grow up.

Though he still longed for a childhood he would never have, he could no longer pretend this was the life he wanted. Children grow up when an adult is needed, and Rebecca was no longer around to play the part.

So he took over.


He met her at the barroom as an adult. It was too noisy to talk, so they stepped outside for a walk.

“I wasn’t fair to you.” He said. “I turned you into the mother I wished I had.”

She nodded.

“I know.” She said. “I let you. I thought that way I could save you.”

“Save me?”

“You needed to grow up.”

“And I did. After you left.”

“I can see that.”

She smiled.

“So am I forgiven?” He asked.

“Of course.”

“So you’ll come back?”

“Maybe.” She said. “It can’t be the same as it was before.”

“It won’t be.”

It wasn’t.

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