Music Monday: Where Are You by B.o.B.

A fictional interpretation of a song by B.o.B.

When your greatest dreams come true, do you stay the same?

Personally, I found it much harder to even try. I was invisible before, the last to be noticed in a room, if I was even noticed at all. In a crowd, I was easy to miss, and I received many accidental shoves and elbows to the side without an apology. Not because the people were rude, but because they hadn’t even known they had hit anything.

But then I found fame. Or rather, fame found me when it happened to be dining in the same hole-in-the-wall restaurant that had given me the gig to sing for the evening. Fame proved that I wasn’t invisible after all. I just needed the right kind of spotlight to shine.

And I did.


To say that I wasn’t interested in staying the same as I always had been would be an understatement.

I was ready to completely reinvent myself in whatever way my publicist saw fit. I modeled for advertisements for products I would never use, and wore brand-name clothing for the label rather than the comfort. 

There was nothing comfortable about this life which is what made it so extraordinary. I got caught up in the excess of it all.

And I lost who I was completely.


What they don’t tell you about fame is that it’s lonely. Even more so when you can’t even count on yourself. I had forgotten who I was, and didn’t realize I was lost until I realized there was nobody around to remember.

Fame has a large price to pay. It comes at the cost of what matters, of who matters. 

And it takes much more than was spent to get it all back.


Is it worth it to pursue your dreams?

Most definitely.

But be careful. Don’t lose track of the melody that is your soul. 

Because a dream without the soul is just a dream.

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