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fantasy background with a young woman in a ballgown gazing dreamily at a young man in glasses and a suit
Image by Charnchai on Pixabay

They say my Prince Charming will swoop in on a horse
And destroy my biggest enemies without feeling remorse

Anything and everything he’d willingly do for me
A blissful future with him I would gladly see

No matter the shallow contents of his head
As long as he makes enough to live and is good enough in bed

He’d work so hard all night and day
While I’d stay home to watch our children play

We’d call ourselves lucky to have such a deal
where the living comes easy, and there’s always a fresh cooked meal

True love, they say, comes from sacrifice and pain
But why, I think, must it be that way?

What if I don’t want the horse?
Or destruction without remorse?

What if I would rather know the thoughts inside his head?
His hopes, his dreams, his lessons learned, his life outside the bed?

What if I want to feel his love at night and each and every day
As together, as a family, we with the children play?

What if instead of lucky deals, an easy life, and fresh cooked meals
I’d rather have a partner to help find hearts to steal?

What if true love is something more than sacrifice and pain?

Because I think I’d rather have a well-read man than royalty any day.

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