Catching Smoke: Ch. 19

catching smoke cover

“I think my ankle is broken.” Colin says.

The driver Harlem had sent happened to be Lydia, and her reaction to Colin jumping in front of the car had been slower than he was expecting. He suspects that was intentional because now he’s walking with a limp, and in no shape to do his job.

“Oh, you poor baby.” Lydia chuckles without looking up from the magazine she’s reading.

They’re back in the hotel room, waiting for Emmalee to show up and take the job. At least if Colin’s prediction is right she’ll be taking the job. And he’s counting on that prediction. He’s not exactly prepared for another all-night chase on the beach. Or any chase at all, actually.

“This is your fault.” Colin says. “If I can’t do my job, it’s on you.”

“Ha.” Lydia flips the page of the magazine. “Hardly. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have been much more creative about it. Your ankle was an accident.”

“There are no accidents in our world.”

“Well, then, consider it karma.”

Colin snorts. “Karma? Are you kidding?”

Lydia doesn’t answer. Colin sighs and rests his head against the headboard on the bed, his ankle propped up on a pillow.

It’s going to be a long night if Emmalee doesn’t show up soon.

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