Music Monday: Girl Almighty by One Direction

A fictional interpretation of a song by One Direction.

There’s something happening here.

I can’t be the only one who sees it. I know everyone has an opinion about her. It’s impossible not to notice her. But from what I’ve heard, she’s rejected just about everyone in this room.

But she’ll say yes to me.

I know it.


“What do you want?” She asks.

The way she’s looking at me, I might as well be the gum scraped from the bottom of her shoe. But all I notice is the way her blue eyes and red lips light up like the siren of an ambulance.

“Well?” She asks.

I can’t speak. She rolls her eyes, and turns her back to me, her glass of champagne held at an angle, a red lipstick stain on the rim. She laughs and takes a sip.

I’m way out of my league, I think.

But I don’t walk away.


“You’re pathetic, you know that?” She says.

There’s something happening here. There’s a smile on her face, in her voice, in her eyes as she looks at me.

“I do.” I say. “But only with you.”

She laughs and shakes her head, gives my shoulder a playful shove. Everyone says it won’t last. Everyone says this is just what she does. She’ll reel you in and spit you out like it was all nothing.

But I don’t believe it.

She may be Girl Almighty, but she’s also mine.

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