Music Monday: A Car, A Torch, A Death by Twenty One Pilots

A poetic interpretation of a song  by Twenty One Pilots.

the loss of it wraps around my throat, and I’m ready to give up.
It would be so easy, 
so many ways to leave this world,
many more than 1,000.
And just one reason to stay:

You buckled your heart to the backseat of my car,
so every time I drive away, I look in the rearview,
and I see you.
The night I felt like giving up, you knew,
you could feel it.
You saw the demons waiting on your porch,
waiting to deliver the news,
and you picked up the phone.
And just like that,
all my hope was restored.

You said stay with me
and wrapped your heart in a jar,
A jar to carry with me, so I will always know
you are the one who gives me hope.
You wave the torch of life above my head,
so I look up and understand
It will be okay.

I can live another day.

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