Music Monday: Night Drive by The All-American Rejects

Every mile further another part of me slips away.

She said she was sorry with mascara-stained tears running down her cheeks. Swore it didn’t mean anything as the water from the shower was still going, his clothes still lying on the floor by our bed…did she really expect me to stay?

I grabbed my keys, and decided to drive.


When I was a little boy and my parents would fight, my mother would take me for a drive.

I remember the streetlights illuminating her tears in flashes, the music turned all the way up, and the wind from the open sunroof cool and comforting.

As soon as I got my first car, driving became my escape too.


It might actually be a good thing that I found out when I did.

I was going to propose to her next week. I thought I was ready for better or for worse, but this is the worst. And even if she spent the rest of her life begging for me back on her knees, she couldn’t make me stay.

Funny how quickly everything can change.


The city disappears in my rearview, but I’m not stopping any time soon.

I’m not sure where I’m going, but I’ll be driving all night.

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