Music Monday: We Remain by Christina Aguilera

A fictional interpretation of song by Christina Aguilera. (also an excerpt from my novel Blood Rose)

This wasn’t normal. 

This kind of event didn’t happen. Vampires didn’t exist. Evil didn’t exist. My family was still alive. This was just a long, incredibly alive dream that I was going to wake up from anytime now. Adam wasn’t trying to turn me into an evil beast. No way. Adam would never do such a thing. I wasn’t being carried to safety by the most attractive guy I had ever met who happened to be a vampire who claimed he was in love with me, and Derek wasn’t being carried by a vampire girl who could readily be his classmate at school who also brought me back to life when I died. I was just going to open my eyes now, and be back to normal. 

One. Two...

I didn’t make it to three. A huge bump in the road rose from the fountain in front of the Eiffel Tower. Jay tried his best to jump over it, but it rose again somehow, and he wound up tripping over it, dropping me and sending me flying as he fell to the ground. So there I was, thinking for sure I was going to die again, and how odd that it would kind of be the same way too. 

closed my eyes, and smiled. I was going back to Grandpa’s house.

I didn’t get that lucky, though. Instead of falling to my death, I was caught up in the arms of none other than Adam. I gasped when I saw him smiling down at me. He looked so evil. His eyes were a darker brown than I remembered, almost black, his skin was an ashen pale, and his normally, kissably pink lips were red with blood. There was even bloodstains on his teeth! He had killed someone for sure.

“Hello, beautiful. You belong to me now, isn’t that great? We’ll be together again,” Adam asked me with an evil grin on his face.

I kicked and thrashed around, but he was too strong. Nothing I did even phased him in the slightest sense. I couldn’t tell if he was running or not, but I didn’t want to know.

“I’d rather die than be with you, Adam. You’ve changed. You’ve killed,” I spat at him, and he just smirked.

“I know you don’t mean that, Gracie. Soon you’ll see that killing isn’t as bad as we thought. Human blood tastes better than any dessert we could ever imagine.”

Suddenly, Adam lurched forward, and let go of me as he stopped running. He cried out in pain, and bent over, right as Jay caught me in his arms again. As Jay began running away, slower than he usually does, I turned around to see what was wrong with him, trying my hardest to get my vision straight, and that was when I noticed the bunches of icicles stuck on his back like a group of needles. I instantly knew who had done that to him, but I didn’t want to believe she would. It had to have been Iris. She was the only one who could do something like that using water. Sure enough, Iris suddenly appeared behind Adam who was just getting up from the ground. The icicles falling off his back one at a time.

“Did Iris really just save me?” I asked Jay.

“Yes, love. She’s not as heartless as she seems. She’s just a very jealous girl when someone else gets my attention,” Jay answered.

“Is she...going to kill him?”

As much as I knew Adam was evil and probably should die, I couldn’t stand the thought of him not being alive. I had been with him for three years, I had cared about and loved him for three years, and I had always been there for him for three years. I didn’t think he deserved to die, no matter how many humans he had killed. A part of me still loved and cared about him. A part of me was still excited by the fact that he was still alive. A part of me wanted him to hold me and kiss me just like he used to. A part of me wanted to speak French with him at random moments, and then giggle and laugh because he would always wind up saying something sweet to me. 

The other part of me, though, knew that those days were over, and they could never come back. The Adam I had known was gone, and there was no possible way to bring him back.

“Do you still love him, Grace, even though he’s evil?” Jay questioned.

“I still love who he used to be, but I think that’s more because that was when everything was normal, and everyone was still alive. So no, I don’t technically still love him.”

He didn’t get the chance to answer because, suddenly, Jay stopped running, dropped to the ground, and covered me with himself. Our faces were so close together. It made me want to kiss him so bad. I didn’t understand why he was doing this, but it became clear when balls of flame came darting past us. How had Jay known that would happen?

“You’re only going to hurt her, Adam! If I’m covered in flames, she will be too! Just calm down, and let us talk this over!” Jay yelled.

I couldn’t see Adam, but then he suddenly appeared in front of us. Jay stood up, keeping me close against his chest. I wasn’t sure if it was to keep him safe or me, but I didn’t care. It felt good being there. It always did.

“What is there to talk about? You stole my girl. The girl that belongs with me. Now I want her back. It’s only right, and I suggest you don’t fight it,” Adam threatened calmly.

“Why don’t we let her decide who she wants to go with? Neither of us should force her into doing something she doesn’t want to do. It may be your kind to think that’s how things should be, but if you ever loved her once, you would know that she deserves the right to choose,” Jay bargained.

I grasped onto Jay’s shirt when Adam set his gaze on me. His expression was so deadly. This wasn’t the Adam I knew at all. Something else had possessed him, and made him this horrible creature. I couldn’t believe what he had become. How could I walk away with him, knowing that I would become just like him? I couldn’t. I couldn’t become a monster. It just wasn’t in me.

“Grace, remember how long we were together? Remember all those times we spent at your Grandpa’s house, swimming in the lake and kissing? Remember how you told me not to worry about any other guy because I would always be the one you want? Remember how happy I made you feel every day? Remember how great I made you feel in bed? Remember how much your family loved me, and how much Derek looked up to me? I was his idol, and your family wanted you to be with me forever. I know your family is gone now, but they would want you to be with me. They always wanted you to be with me. Why don’t you make them proud, and choose me because I’m what’s right for you? I love you, Gracie. You know I do,” Adam crooned.

For a fraction of a second, I almost decided to go with him. His words made him seem almost human, and they almost made me believe they were true. My family loved the old him, but they would be appalled by who he is now. They wouldn’t want me to spend my life feeding off humans and devastating other families. They would want me to save the humans, and bring peace and happiness to the world. Therefore, I couldn’t fall for his lies. I couldn’t choose him.

“Tell me, Adam, how many humans have you killed?” I questioned him, trying my hardest not to break down in tears.

It was so hard knowing that he was still alive, but I couldn’t be with him. It wasn’t just that I couldn’t either. It was also that I didn’t want to, and that was heartbreaking.

“Enough to keep me alive. Why does that matter? If you come with me, you’ll see that it’s perfectly normal, and I’m sure you won’t mind at all. Sometimes, humans just deserve to die. How many times have you wished Brooke would die? Or Finn and Griffin annoyed you? Or your parents made you mad? Now they can’t upset you anymore, and when you kill someone else, you can just think of it as doing their family members a favor. Besides, blood tastes better than you think it does.”

Adam’s words made me begin to seethe with rage. I would have gone up to him, and slapped him, but Jay stopped me by pulling me closer against him.

“How dare you make my family dying seem like a good thing! I can’t believe I was actually considering going with you! Thank God I realized what a mistake that would have been! I wouldn’t go with you to save my life, Adam! I don’t even know who you are anymore!” I screamed. “Maybe I meant all those things I said to you at one point, or loved all those times we spent together, but this is me taking it all back right now. I hate you, Adam, and I don’t ever want to see you again!”

“That can be arranged.” Adam said with a smirk.

He spun around, and then threw fire at me. Right before it could hit me, though, a gust of air blew it right back toward him. I turned my head to see Leah in a battle pose, ready for any attack Adam might throw at us next. Beside Leah was Keira, also ready for an attack, and standing closer to the fountain was Iris floating an orb of water between her hands.

“You’re outnumbered, Adam. You may be able to use all four of the elements, but you can’t use them all at the same time. Since you’re a new vampire, you don’t even know how to use some of the attacks at all. Give up now, and we’ll spare your life, but if this happens again don’t think we’ll be as merciful,” Jay pointed out.

Adam looked at Leah, then Keira, then Iris, and then at me and Jay. His stare was so intense that I cowered in Jay’s arms. Jay wrapped his arms around me, and brought me even closer to him, using his powers to soothe me.

“I’ll get you one day, Grace. Even if you’re one of them, I’ll get you and I’ll kill you. You just made your greatest mistake,” Adam threatened. “You know what, I think I’ll kill all of you. Each one of you who dared to threaten me. I’ll have fun killing you, though, Grace, and your boyfriend too. You just wait.”

Before anyone could even blink, Adam had left, and I was left standing there in Jay’s arms, shivering from both the cold and the evil threat from Adam. I couldn’t believe he would say such a thing to me, and the look in his eyes had been absolutely dreadful.

“Let’s get back home, love.” Jay said as he lifted me off the ground. Turning to the girls he added. “Thank you for your help. It’s greatly appreciated.”

“No problem, boss,” Leah grinned.

“We just had a little realization,” Iris informed with a sigh.

“Yeah, we just realized how important she is to you,” Keira shared.

“We figured that if she’s really so important, and you really love her that much, then we should probably try our hardest to keep her safe,” Leah shrugged.

“Doesn’t mean we’ll be friends with her, though,” Iris finished, glaring at me.

I smiled. It would only be a matter of time before they decided to give up their jealousy and be friends with me. I was also smiling because they had mentioned that Jay loved me. This nightmare was turning into a dream again. I was starting to wonder when it would stop wavering between dream and nightmare and just pick one already. I was also wondering where Derek and Maddy had gone.

“Jay, where’s my brother?” I asked him worriedly.

“Safe at home, love. Maddy is there too, and since the sun will be rising in only a few minutes, she’ll probably have to stay there,” Jay answered, and I looked up at the sky.

It was an ordinary sunrise. The sun was an orb of yellow- orange light against a sky that was a mixed beauty of pink and blood red. I sighed, knowing I would probably never get to see this sight again. This in turn made me think of home. I wondered if the vampires were attacking the US yet. I vowed I would find out.

I wanted to go home. 

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