Catching Smoke: Ch. 41

catching smoke cover

The Tracking Room is empty when Colin sneaks in.

The room is on his way out, so it couldn’t possibly hurt to check whether or not he could find Lydia. It would make his mission easier.

Every agent has a tracking device implanted beneath their skin so the agency can keep track of everyone, should anyone decide to disappear, voluntarily or involuntarily. It can only be taken out by a trained operative. Or so the agents are told.

Lydia’s tracking device is gone.

Colin types her name into the database, and nothing comes up except a red flash indicating she’s become a rogue agent. Did she take it out herself? Or did Harlem lie to him? Because there’s no way she could disappear on her own with the tracking device.

Now how is he supposed to find Lydia? She could be anywhere. And certainly she didn’t stick around Brazil after her latest trick, right?

There’s only one way to find out.

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