Catching Smoke: Ch. 39

catching smoke cover

“Happy vacation, Colin,” Harlem says when he returns to the interrogation room. “You’re free to go.”

Colin has been sitting in the same room for what feels like hours, waiting for Harlem to release him so he can track down Lydia and kill her himself. Of course, he’ll torture her first to find how who she was working for, why exactly she set him up. He’s pretty sure Lydia was working for Emmalee’s father, but in this case, it wouldn’t hurt him to find out for sure.

“And Emmalee?” Colin asks.

“Funny,” Harlem says, taking the seat across from Colin at the metal table. “She asked about you too.”

“Don’t give me that look, Harlem. I’m not Lydia. I didn’t need to honeytrap her to get her to join the agency.”

“Well, then. I’ll call you when we have a job for you. Until then, enjoy your freedom.” Colin jumps up, ready for his self-made mission. “But Colin, leave Lydia to us. That’s not your job. Do you understand? If I hear you interfering with another agents mission—”

“You’ll what? Fire me?”

“Colin, I mean it.”

“Fine. I won’t interfere.”

He leaves before Harlem can be more specific. Just because he promised not to interfere, doesn’t mean he’s giving up on his mission.

There are plenty of ways to kill Lydia without interfering.

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