Catching Smoke: Ch. 43

catching smoke cover

The trip to Brazil is harder to manage without using agency resources.

But Colin can’t risk being labeled a rouge agent himself. Harlem gave him specific instructions NOT to interfere with the mission of finding Lydia, and after everything, Colin knows Harlem would kill him himself if Colin disobeyed those orders.

However, Lydia needs to be found.

And Colin is the only person who could possibly find her.

At least he thinks so.

Luckily, Colin has been around enough to make friends with a couple jet pilots who are more than happy to let him take flight for the night, and before long, he’s on his way back to Brazil. It’s highly unlikely that Lydia’s still there. She’s smart enough to know the agency is sending a mission after her, and that Brazil would be the most likely place for them to begin looking. But still.

Lydia is also the most arrogant person Colin knows, and sometimes arrogance has a way of making stupid decisions look like a good idea.

During the flight, Colin wonders about Emmalee. He remembers how tough his own initiation testing had been, and feels a little bit sorry for her. She’s going to be put through hell, and the worst part is she won’t know whether it’s real or a part of the test.

The agency really knows how to push all the right buttons.

But Emmalee will make it. Colin is confident in her.

It’s not really his problem, though, anyway.

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