Catching Smoke: Ch. 45

catching smoke cover

Colin stretches his arms over his head as he steps out of the jet.

The flight seemed longer this time around. It’s been awhile since he slept, though. Time drags for the sleep-deprived.

But Colin has other priorities.

The private airport is desolate except for the soft glow of the security building near the entrance. He can faintly see the guard snoozing in his desk chair, and he shakes his head at the sight.

 “As long as there are lazy people in this world, we will have a job,” Harlem used to tell him.

Colin has yet to prove this untrue, and he’s rather disappointed this time. He was hoping for a little more excitement during this self-generated mission. The ease with which he’s able to steal the guard’s car, and leave the airport unnoticed troubles him. 

It’s the quiet before the storm, he thinks, squeezing the steering wheel. Never a good sign.

He wonders whether Harlem has noticed what he’s up to. The tracker chip implanted in his skull must be sending all sorts of red flags up in the agency headquarters, but Harlem would know Colin’s intentions. He would understand. 

At least Colin hopes so.

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