Catching Smoke: Ch. 51

catching smoke cover

Colin ditches the car on the beach when he reaches Rio.

He imagines this is the city Lydia would be in, celebrating her recent destruction in Colin’s career. Why is she so intent on destroying him anyway? Why him?

He brushes these questions from his mind as he walks along the edge of the shoreline toward the city. He knows he won’t ever be able to find the answers.

Until he finds Lydia.

She’s got to be hiding in plain sight somewhere. He didn’t spend so many years by her side without learning how she operates. He knows her tricks. He knows her weaknesses. 

He knows how to take her down.


The sun is just beginning to rise, and Colin pauses for a moment to watch the pink-orange glow of the sun cast it’s rays upon the waves. Before she destroyed everything, back when he was a mere recruit, Lydia would bring him to the beach every morning to watch the sunrise.

“You have to enjoy them,” she would say. “You never know how many you’ll get.”

Colin would always roll his eyes at her dramatics, but secretly he agreed. Pausing to notice the sunrise had become a habit for him now. It was his way of recognizing his mortality, which then fueled his purpose and ignited his drive to complete whatever dangerous mission was given to him.

This time, as he watches the sun rise over the ocean, he remembers Lydia and everything she put him through. He imagines her watching the same sunrise from her hiding place somewhere in the city.

And as the sunlight kisses his skin, he vows this sunrise will be her last.

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