Catching Smoke: Ch. 49

catching smoke cover

Colin grips the edge of the steering wheel tightly as he speeds away from the gas station.

What the hell was Emmalee doing here? How did they find him so quickly? And did they really think they could stop him by sending his recruit?

He chuckles to himself, and shakes his head at the agency’s stupidity.

Really, Harlem? he thinks. This is all you’ve got?

But of course it is. Why would Harlem want to stop him? Harlem knows Colin must be the one to stop Lydia. It’s only fair, after everything.

Colin relaxes his grip on the steering wheel, and smiles. He doesn’t have to worry. The agency won’t be looking for him. They already found him. And Emmalee just let him leave. Of course she did. He saved her. She trusts him.

Doesn’t she?

A flash of panic enters his mind as he entertains the possibility that perhaps Emmalee hadn’t been sent for him at all. He recalls the panic on her face, the way she was almost hiding from him. He figured she didn’t want to blow her cover, and as an amateur didn’t know how to complete her mission without doing so. 

But what if he was wrong?

What if he wasn’t a part of Emmalee’s mission?

What if something had gone wrong?

No, that isn’t possible. The agency had planned this, for sure. Emmalee was here for a reason, and the only possible reason could be to stop Colin from completing his rouge mission.

If she could.

She’d already let Colin slip away from her once, and he’s confident he’ll be able to continue to do so. Her mission might be to stop him, but his mission was greater.

He would stop Lydia.

No matter what.

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