The Art of Love


the art of love, a poem

I want to love an artist

A creative thinker

A frequent dreamer

I want to love a painter

Who will splash color

Onto the canvas of my life

With just imagination

And a paintbrush

I want to love a writer

Who can create a whole world with words

And show me how to add more life

To my story

I want to love a musician

Who will add music to my life

And sing a love song only I can hear

I want to love a sculptor 

Who will see every curve of my body

As a work of art.

The shape of me held in hands 

So careful not to break

I want to love a sketcher

Who will capture my essence

With the shadows and lines on my face

And will understand why there’s a glimmer in my eyes

I want to love a chef

Who will turn a need into an art

And won’t be afraid 

To taste

I want to love a designer

Who can find the right colors to bring me to life

And cover me in a love that fits just right

I want to love an artist

Settle down into the unconscious

The beautiful, the unexplored

We’ll talk about life as an art

and have children who

see shapes in the shapeless

and colors in the wind

And even when it ends we’ll know we lived.

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