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 In the Middle

SynopsisStill reeling from her high school sweetheart Brad’s unexpected death, Sarah graduates high school with only one goal in mind: to escape the past she carries with her. Without a destination in mind, she sets out on a cross country road trip, eventually coming across the free spirited Dorothy who convinces her to rent out the spare bedroom in the Washington beach  house she lives in with her studious best friend Anna. Before long, Sarah has settled into a life that feels as far away from her past as possible. But when Brad’s best friend Daniel shows up, she’s forced to confront her complicated past and maybe, just maybe, find a way to release it once and for all. 


Twisting Fate

SynopsisJasmine and Jennifer couldn’t be more different. While Jasmine is a reckless party girl with a troubled history, Jennifer is a careful and reserved college student still living with her overprotective parents. After a tragic accident, their different lives intersect when Jennifer’s organ donation saves Jasmine’s life during an emergency surgery. But Jasmine soon realizes she’s also been given Jennifer’s memories. And the more she remembers, the more she realizes that the accident that forced their lives together may not have been an accident at all.  

 Winning the Game

 Synopsis: Karissa has waited her entire life to escape the horse ranch she grew up on with one goal at heart: to become a professional soccer player. But now that she’s   attending college in California there’s just one problem: the university only has a   men’s soccer team. Then she meets Parker, the captain of the team, and convinces  him to help her train for the men’s try-outs by promising to teach him   how to ride a horse in return. As the two spend more time together, their competitive friendship begins to blossom into something more, and soon Karissa finds herself wanting to win Parker’s heart just as much as she wants to win the game…

 Blood Rose

Synopsis: Grace has the perfect life: a devoted boyfriend, a large, loving family, and a dream vacation to Paris with everyone she loves. But her perfect life is ripped to shreds when vampires come out of hiding and attack the city, slaughtering everyone in sight…including her loved ones. Thankfully, she’s rescued by a compelling vampire named Jay, who introduces her to a world nobody knew existed. She soon learns the vampire race is in the middle of a civil war, and to stop it, she’ll need to become a vampire herself…and help kill her remaining loved ones now fighting for the other side. 

Synopsis: Carrie hasn’t spoken to her twin sister Katelyn in twenty years. But when Katelyn’s husband is suddenly murdered and Katelyn becomes the prime suspect, Carrie hops on a flight to keep her sister company and do her best to help prove Katelyn’s innocence and find the real killer. However, Detective Adrian Parker is determined to find the truth, and Katelyn’s been keeping some pretty hefty secrets. As the truth comes to light, will it be enough to prove her innocence before the killer has a chance to strike again? 

SynopsisIn the distant future, the whole of human civilization exists within a single country-sized spacecraft orbiting Earth. In order to prevent human extinction, strict rules are enforced: all citizens must pass a special test so the elite officials known as the Congruity Team can properly assign each citizen a rightful career path and/or marriage partner. As an assigned Execution Executive, Echo Matherson is responsible for terminating all who break the rules. But when her little brother, Max, fails the test and is scheduled for termination, Echo breaks the rules to save his life, and sparks a revolution in the only society left of humanity. 

SynopsisCamille Harper is captain of the cheerleading squad, Student Body President, and has been homecoming queen every year of her high school career so far. Always by her side is her boyfriend, Ty, and their closest friends, Chelsea and Ike. But when their fellow classmate Zeke is publicly humiliated during Camille’s party, Camille comes up with a plan to make things right and redeem his dignity. Her plan, however, proves to be more difficult than she thought, and soon she’s in over her head. Will redemption be possible before more damage is done? 

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