Catching Smoke: Ch. 12

catching smoke cover

Emmalee is exhausted.

But how is she supposed to sleep when the two strangers basically holding her captive won’t stop bickering? Or even if they did, how is she supposed to trust that she would be safe to keep her eyes closed for longer than five seconds?

Her entire life is built around not being able to trust anyone. That isn’t going to stop now. Especially not now.

“You’re not sleeping.” Colin tells her, standing at the edge of the bed she’s lying on.

They arrived at the hotel about an hour ago, and checked into a single room that had obviously been set aside for them. This scared Emma. She had thought her plan to go to Brazil had been spontaneous, a non-plan by her standards. But she had been one step behind, it seems.

She doesn’t answer, hoping he’ll take the hint and leave her alone. He doesn’t seriously expect her to sleep like this, does he? Is he insane? Considering the circumstances, he probably is.

“I guess you don’t want answers.” Colin says.

Emma’s hands curl into fists and then quickly release. She’s tired of her body language giving away more information than she would like to reveal. But Colin is too quick. He notices, and smirks.

“Really, you’re the one who is making this difficult. There’s no need to be so frustrated. Simple trust should work.” Colin says.

“Ugh. Don’t be so patronizing. Seriously. Why do you even have a job?” Lydia grumbles from the wooden desk chair she’s sitting in, filing her nails.

Colin’s jaw twitches in agitation, but he doesn’t fight back this time. He keeps his attention on Emma.

“Don’t mind her.” He says. “She’ll be leaving soon.”

“Doubtful.” Lydia says in a sing-song voice.

Colin ignores her.

“Trust is never simple.” Emma says. “I don’t even know you. Either of you. And neither one of you seems to trust each other, so why should I? I’m not making anything difficult. It just is.”

“Wise words.” Lydia says, standing up. “I’m going to get a drink. Do you two want anything?”

She leaves before getting an answer. Colin and Emma are left alone in the room, and for a moment, an awkwardly heavy silence fills the room. But then Colin speaks, moving to sit on the edge of Emma’s bed, by her feet.

“You’re right.” He says. “Trust is never simple.”

And then he gets up and leaves the room.

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