Music Monday: Breakeven by The Script

A fictional interpretation of a song by The Script.

When a heart breaks, it doesn’t break even.

They say it takes two to create conflict, but he never saw it coming. Everything he did was to make sure there wasn’t anything to fight about, to make her happy.

But she left him anyway.

She didn’t cry. She just walked away. And he was the one left devastated, standing in the rubble that was once their relationship, wondering where it could have gone wrong.

But sometimes you never know. Sometimes, the breaking just happens and it never makes sense.


He was still alive, but barely breathing when his friends came to rescue him from his personal hell. They didn’t think she was worth it, and told him so. He thought they just didn’t understand.

“We were meant to be together. You don’t understand. We went through so much!” He said.

“You went through so much because she put you through it. That’s not how a relationship is supposed to work, man! Stop obsessing! It’s done. Good riddance!”

But how could he stop loving the girl he gave his heart to? It didn’t seem possible. She had already given away her heart to someone else, though he refused to suspect that was the reason she had left. In his head, it was always his fault, though he couldn’t figure out just what he did wrong.

“Stop thinking about it, and get dressed. We’re going out tonight.” His friend told him.

He didn’t feel like going out, but what choice did he have? None of his relationships were feeling very balanced at the moment.

He didn’t think they ever would.


The future he imagined with her was gone. 

And that’s what hurt the most. Not that she left him without an honest explanation. Or that she was already happily smitten with someone else. Or even that he would have given her the whole world, and often tried, without asking for anything in return.

It was that the best part of him, of his entire future, had always seemed like her. And now she was gone. Poof. Just like that.

And suddenly, not only was his heart broken, but he also was having trouble remembering who he was and what he wanted in life. Without her, a big part of his life was missing.

His whole world was shattered.

But she was just fine.


When a heart breaks, it doesn’t break even.

One world shatters and the other suffers a tiny crack, if anything at all. It doesn’t seem fair, and it doesn’t make sense. 

But the world that shatters is the one that gets rebuilt. It’s built stronger than it was before, and it shines brighter. It’s made anew. It’s made better.

So maybe the break isn’t even, but neither is the rebuilding. And maybe it takes longer to rebuild than it does to break, but that’s okay.

What matters in the end is more than the number of pieces that fell to the ground.

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