Catching Smoke: Ch. 18

catching smoke cover

A job offer.

That wasn’t what Emmalee had been expecting. Why did she go through all this trouble just to be offered a job? It seems silly to her that she’s wasted so much time, and energy being afraid and running from a potential career.

She has much more important things to be running from.

Which is exactly why she doesn’t think she can take the job. Not without knowing how much information they have about her. Do they know why she’s spent the past ten years running? Will she be protected? Safe? How much of her career will she be in control of?

She isn’t sure whether she can risk handing over her future to a mystery. She needs more information, but she doesn’t have the faintest idea how to get it. Colin certainly won’t give it to her. He made that perfectly clear when he jumped in front of a moving car and disappeared with it before Emmalee could finish screaming.

So now she’s back to sitting on the beach by herself, pondering her next move. If she takes the job, she’ll be surrendering her entire life to the unknown. Of course, there’s the possibility that she’ll get the information she seeks as soon as she accepts the job offer. Surely, they wouldn’t offer a job just to keep her in the dark, right? 

She hopes so.

Because the alternative is just as unknown and terrifying. She’ll be on her own again, but it won’t be the same. She’ll always wonder about the job offer. She’ll always be terrified that if Colin was able to find her and disarm her so easily that it shouldn’t be too hard for someone else to do the same…

She knows what she has to do.

She'll take the job.

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