Music Monday: Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift

A fictional interpretation of a song by Taylor Swift

This is the moment of truth.

She was looking at him, and she knew it wouldn’t last. But though the truth was painful, the moment was beautiful.

So when he asked if she’d go camping, she said yes.


“I want you to have this.” He said.

They were lying on the couch that they had pushed against the wall so they could dance. Her hips had swayed side-to-side to the music, and he put his hands on her waist, whispering close in her ear this is our song.

And now he was clasping the gold chain around her neck. The cross was cold against her breastbone, so she wrapped her fingers around it. He kissed her.

“I love you.” He said.

And the alarm bells started ringing in her head.

They’d only been dating for a week.


They were moving too fast. 

Speeding down the snow-covered hill, she closed her eyes. She’d never been sledding before, and this ride had her terrified.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” She screamed, clutching him tightly.

He pulled the brakes, and everything went black.


This is the moment of truth.

The sun rises through the trees, and his face is the first one she sees. His fingertips trace the stitches on her head, and she knows he’s going to leave her with scars because one day he’ll find the sun is enough to keep him warm, and she’ll have to walk away.

But for now…

They fold the tent, pack their bags, and with fingers intertwined, they step out of the woods.

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