Catching Smoke: Ch. 15

catching smoke cover

“This is your fault.” Colin says to Lydia when she walks into the room.

Lydia, noticing the empty room, crosses her arms over her chest, and smirks.

“My fault?” She says. “I don’t think so. This one’s all you. Why would you leave a recruit alone before the introductory process? That’s career suicide.”

“You would know.”

“I would actually.”

Colin doesn’t say anything. Why did he leave Emmalee alone? He was expecting her to jump out of a plane barely an hour ago. Why did he think she would stay put in a hotel room?

Furious with himself, he storms out of the room and marches up to the concierge desk where the clerk is reading a magazine. Colin slams his hand down on the counter, and the clerk immediately jumps to his feet.

“Did you see anyone leave here?” Colin asks.

The clerk looks at the door and then back at Colin, and shakes his head.

“I”m sorry, sir. I did not see no one leave. I’m sorry.” The clerk says.

Colin fights the urge to strangle the clerk to death, and instead runs out the door. When did Emmalee leave? How much time has she had to escape? Where would she go? He doesn’t know.

But he knows he has to find her.

And he will.

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