Music Monday: Lifetime by Emeli Sande

A fictional interpretation of a song by Emeli Sande

Everything is temporary.

That’s what she reminded herself when her stomach had swelled so much she felt like a balloon with too much air, one pinprick away from popping. And again when she was lying on the hospital bed, legs spread, sweat dripping from her skin, screaming out in pain as life was pushed out of her.

Everything is temporary. 

Nothing lasts forever.

This too shall pass.

Except she was wrong.


Dreams fade away as soon as we wake. Silence only lasts until someone speaks. Time flies by, and we grow older every second. So much can change in a single day, but entire lives can change within a single year.

But somehow we still manage to hold on to what’s most important. And for her, that was her baby girl.

So much would change. The little girl would grow up, would learn to speak instead of cry, would learn how to hate, and love, and live. She would not stay this little bundle in a pink blanket. She would grow out of her crib, and one day her mother would stop peering over it to watch her sleep. One day, her mother would not be able to hold her as close or as often.

Everything would change.

Except for the love.

The love would last a lifetime.

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