Catching Smoke: Ch. 26

catching smoke cover

Emmalee doesn’t sleep.

She can’t. Not with the threat of danger looming over her. She doesn’t think Colin knows why she’s been running for so long. Surely, if he knew, they wouldn’t be staying at this same hotel for another night. Surely, they’d be long gone by now.

Like she would be if she wasn’t stuck here. The last thing she needed was an agency tracking her down to kill her. Colin had found her too many times for her to think she could elude him for long.

She made her choice. Now she had to deal with it.

Emmalee turns over on the bed, and sighs.

“Go to sleep,” Colin mumbles from the bed across from her.

“Where’s Lydia?” Emmalee asks.

Lydia still hasn’t returned from wherever she ran off to.

“Who cares?” Colin says.

Emmalee sits up and stares at the silhouette of Colin’s form sprawled out on the bed. He didn’t even bother to get under the covers. She wonders how long it took him to fall asleep. She hasn’t been paying attention. She’s been more focused on the sounds coming from the broken window, and the occasional footsteps outside the hotel door.

“I do.”

Colin snorts, but the sound is muffled by the pillow his face is pressed into. 

“I’m serious,” Emmalee says. “Where is she?”

Before Colin can respond, the window shatters behind her, and the door busts open in front of her. Emmalee barely has time to scream before one dark-suited silhouette after another come storming into the room. Colin snaps himself awake in an instant, but it’s too late.

Her safety is officially over.

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