Music Monday: Push by Avril Lavigne

A fictional interpretation of a song by Avril Lavigne

This is how love works:

We fall in love right at the moment we finally decide we’re independent. We’d rather be alone, but suddenly that’s not an option anymore. Someone comes along and reminds us how beautiful love can feel when we’re falling into it.

That’s what happened with us. We tried to make it on our own, and just when we both thought love could never work, we found each other.

And then we fell in love.


Falling in love is simple.

The rose colored glasses make loving each other easy. All the little annoyances are endearing, cute, adorable. Nothing is or ever could be more perfect than our love.

But at some point, we stop falling and we hit the ground, and with it, reality. We realize our love is far from perfect, and become annoyed by the little things. 

Our love takes a turn from blissfully simple to punishingly difficult.


It’s not easy anymore.

I nag too much, and you give me too many reasons to nag. You’ve stopped listening, stopped being eager to please. I’ve stopped being patient, and my expectations are too high.

Before you, I would check out at this point. Once it became too difficult, I would find a way to escape. I’d take the first exit out of the relationship.

But not with you.

You are worth the fight.


We deserve better than this.

We deserve bliss. So please, don’t be afraid to tell me to just shut up whenever I get too tough on you. Kiss me instead. It’s going to take the both of us to win this battle. Love is only easy when we’re falling, but we’ve got two feet on the ground now, and it’s time to start walking through this journey of life together.

Hand-in-hand, when push comes to shove, it’s going to take the both of us.

So let’s go.

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