Guest Poet: Eric Browne's When I Knew


Guest Poet Eric Browne When I Knew

Today we have an incredible poem from a special guest poet, Eric Browne! 

Eric has been one of my closest friends for nearly two decades, and is the most wonderful mother to two little boys. Which is why I'm so excited to be sharing this beautiful poem she wrote for them! 


When I Knew

From the moment I heard your cry

I knew you were mine

The very first time you opened your eyes

I knew you were mine

The count of fingers, the count of toes

From the very first wrinkle of a little nose

I knew you were mine

Your little cries that led to sleepless nights

To your very first steps and endless delights

Every curious coo, every wondering eye

Every tempted step to answer a “why”

Every day that goes by, I remember them all

Because from the very first time

I knew you were mine.

Eric Browne is a certified EMT and a single mother to two boys with special needs. Though she was born and raised in Texas for most of her life, she currently resides in Tennessee where she owns what is technically a mansion (not a brag; just a fact). When she isn't busy with work or being a kickass mom, she can be found crocheting cool shit, cuddling with llamas, reading books that scare the average person, and writing beautiful words because they look pretty on paper. You can follow her on Instagram or TikTok @probably_depresso

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